Kid's Pirate Birthday Cake Ideas

Ahoy, matey! Welcome to my page all about kid's pirate birthday cake ideas! A lot of young children (and some adults) love the idea of a pirate themed party, and why not? There are plenty of ways to make this theme come to life, and a ship-shaped cake is only one of them! Read on to see what type of confection should grace your little buccaneer's big day.

Pirate Cake!

Photo by mattdwen

This pirate themed piece uses a preshaped cake pan, which makes it easy to make the perfect ship that can be decorated to your liking! Just use your favorite cake recipe, fill and bake and then get to decorating. Here we see the cake has been piped with colorful frosting and adorned with chocolate coins for a final golden touch.

To achieve a similar look, bake a couple of rectangular shaped cakes in your favorite flavor. Frost and stack them on top of one another. Then using a serrated knife, cut away the cake until the desired shape of a chest has been achieved. Sometimes it's easier to do this if the cake has been semi-frozen (but not all the way or you'll need an electric saw to cut anything off!) Frost with a brown hued frosting and add some chocolate gold coins spilling out for a dazzling effect!
Here is a sample of a pirate faced cupcake that could be fun for you and your little birthday boy or girl to make together. Simply color fondant in the skin shade of your choice and then use a circular cookie cutter to make your pirate faces. Then use red frosting, fruit leather or more colored fondant to achieve the bandana on top. A little bit of knife work and some black colored icing fills in the rest of the facial details. Lastly use an edible silver candy to give your little sea traveler an earring. Fasten the entire convection to the tops of your cupcakes with a little bit of frosting and you're done!

Photo by da-photography

Pirate cake

Photo by Senel

This simple, yet elegant pirate birthday cake idea is so easy to execute - you'll be done in no time! Choose your favorite cake recipe and bake in one or two 9 or 10 inch circle pans. After the cake has been cooled and frosted with a thin layer of buttercream, stick in the freezer and let harden while you prepare your fondant. Roll out the fondant in a circular shape and then cover the cake. Meanwhile prepare another batch of fondant by coloring it red, rolling out and cutting into strips. Then simply drape over the cake in this stripey pattern you see here. Create the treasure map by using more colored fondant and an edible decorating pen, or even print off a map online to make your cake topper.
Yet another way to use rolled fondant and incorporate a little more color into your creation is to cover your circular cake with an ocean-hued layer before topping with a black colored circle. You may even choose to use a colored frosting (like blue colored buttercream) if you are not that dexterous with fondant. Then top this pirate birthday cake with a skull and crossbones made of fondant or your favorite white frosting. Accent with a red bandana and trim the rest of the cake with black, white or red details.
Pirate cake- arrrr matey!
Photo by kristin_a
Matthew's Pirate Birthday cake
Photo by turbozmr2
Perhaps instead of focusing on the ship or the pirate, your little birthday pirate would like to sink his teeth into his very own buried treasure! This treasure chest shaped cake is so fun and inventive!

This pirate face cake is adorable and so easy to make! Simply cover a 9 or 10 inch circular cake with flesh colored fondant or even frost with regular icing and add the "face" accents, such as the eyes, mustach and 5 o'clock shadow to it with black icing or fondant. Red fondant is draped over the head to create a bandana, and yellow lettering adds a little punch of color on this fiesty and tasty birthday dessert!
Photo by Cakelady JHQ
Pirate Ship Cake
Photo by NutmegConfections
If you're feeling extra creative you might attempt to recreate this pirate ship on the high seas cake. To execute this design you'll need a lot of extra cake, but the end result is definitely worth the effort.

The base of this cake is a simple half or quarter sheet cake, frosted to a sea blue. The ship cake is achieved by carving away the form from another sheet or layer cake. Then simply frost with the desired colors of your choice.

For a finishing touch, add darker colored "waves" and paper flags and sails to make this pirate ship spring to life.

If you’re looking for that wow factor, this intricately modeled pirate and treasure scene fits the bill. To recreate this pirate birthday cake, modeling chocolate, fondant or gum paste should be used to form this tiny pirate atop a desert island motif. Crumbled graham crackers create “sand” that is both convincing and yummy to eat.
Hey Matey, look I be rich!
Photo by Ken's Oven
pirate cupcakes
Photo by kokalola
Lastly, and most simply (for those without dexterous hands or the patience that some other designs might require), you can never go wrong with cupcakes claimed by pirates with toppers design to look like flags. Bake up a batch of your favorite mini cakes, top with sand colored frosting, or dip in melted frosting and sprinkle with crushed graham crackers. Then add a few candy sea shells, a gold coin or a pirate flag toothpick topper and call it a day!

I hope that your creative juices have started flowing and that you're on your way to a terrific pirate birthday cake idea of your own! After you've achieved your perfect pirate creation, come and share your photos and ideas with the rest of the world!

Just in case you need some more inspiration or assistance finding pirate cake decorating supplies, here are some of my favorites right at your fingertips:

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