Kid's Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Give a child a pile of Lego's and watch him be entertained for hours! These iconic toys make a great Lego birthday party theme, so why not choose them for your next event?

Ask your child if he wants a generic Lego themed birthday party, or one with a specific Lego set theme (think Lego Star Wars, or Knights' Kingdom!) Then get your invitations going and start planning the main event.

Lego's are fun for everyone, so a party based around this theme is a terrific idea - and a guaranteed hit!

Lego Party Decorations

There is a lot you can do to make your Lego party come to life. Here are my favorite tips for how to decorate the space for your event.

  • Use primary colors. Legos come in bold, primary colors. Stick to a deep red, blue, yellow and green color scheme and you can't go wrong.

  • Balloons! Balloons! Balloons! Bunches of latex balloons in Lego hues should be scattered about. If you are going with a Lego "theme" such as Lego Ville or Lego Star Wars, purchase a couple of mylar balloons with these themes and add to the bunch. Also, if you're feeling brave - why not use a black permanent marker to inscribe each inflate balloon with the iconic "LEGO" symbol?

  • Hang tiny flags or streamers across the ceiling. Again, using the primary colors is key. You can even twist two colors together to get an interesting, alternating colors look.

  • Fill bowls with Legos! Have numerous bowls set up at each table filled with the tiny building blocks for kids to fiddle with, or just to make your table decor seem more lively.

  • Purchase Lego paper-ware. Paper plates, cups, napkins - you name it! Or just go with the same primary color theme mentioned above.

  • Cut out huge Lego replicas and use them to decorate. Cut a variety of different sized rectangles from boldly colored construction paper. Make "towers" by taping them one above the other. If you want your construction mural to look authentic, top off the highest block with small squares of the same color paper to create the illusion of the building block pegs!

    My Lego party supplies picks for decorations:

    Lego Party Games

    Of course the main focus of all your party games will be the Legos! Here's how you use them for lots of fun activities.

  • Let them build. The most basic activity you should have at your party, is of course just free time to let children use their blocks to build and create whatever they want. You can make this time more interesting by hold a kind of "contest" where prizes are awarded to the most creative Lego sculpture, biggest, most complex, etc.

  • Lego, Lego A twist on the classic Button, Button game, the birthday boy or girl stand in the center of a circle of his/her peers. Then he gives a single Lego to one of the children around him. You can play music, or just time the kids - but with hands clutched into fists, with the opening facing down, guests pass the lego from one hand to the other and to the next person in line. At some point one of the children keeps the Lego and pretends to pass it. Everyone goes along with this "pretend" pass and when time is up the birthday boy must say "Lego, Lego, who has the Lego?" and guess whose hand it's in! If he guesses correctly he goes again, if he doesn't the keeper of the Lego gets a shot to play!

  • Create a Lego mural. Give children a bunch of assorted construction paper and safety scissors. Let them cut different sized rectangles and squares from the paper. On a cleared wall, with masking tape loops, let them arrange the paper blocks to create their own Lego city mural on the wall! Kids can make the blocks as small or as large as they like.

    My Lego birthday party supplies picks for games:

    Lego Birthday Party Invitations

    I've recently discovered how difficult it is to find Lego themed party invitations so I figured I'd make up a do-it-yourself tutorial to help anyone else in the same boat!

    This one is simple, here's what you need:

  • 8 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 colored construction paper in a variety of Lego shades. I used 2 each of red, blue, yellow and green. (If you don't have pre-cut paper, cut it to size yourself!)
  • 4 sheets of white computer paper
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Free Lego invitation templates

    To make the invitations just follow these steps:

  • Download my Lego birthday party invitation template for both the inside and the outside of the cards.

  • Print the outside templates onto your colored construction paper.

  • Trim cards by cutting on specified lines.

  • Print the inside template onto plain white computer paper.
  • Cut apart and trim off access white around the black box.

  • Fold construction paper in half on line then using a glue stick, adhere the inside text box to the correct part of the invitation.

  • Let dry and then fill out with the appropriate party details.

    And you're done! Spruce up the inside or outer envelopes with Lego themed stickers and voila - Lego themed party invitations just like that!

    Supplies I used to make my Lego invites:

    Lego Party Photo Gallery

    Browse the following Lego cakes and party pictures and use them to create your own perfect block-inspired celebration.

    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake, Lego Birthday Cake
    Photo by dougcornelius
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake, Lego Crayon Party Favors
    Photo by AngryJulieMonday
    >lego party supplies decorations ideas cake, LEGO head cake
    Photo by cscott2006
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake, Lego Star Wars 2.0
    Photo by dougcornelius
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake
    Photo by Remy Sharp
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake
    Photo by bschmove
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake
    Photo by Tama Leaver
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake, Lego Birthday Cake
    Photo by NutMeg Confections
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake, Indiana Jones Cake
    Photo by Tapestry Dude
    lego party supplies decorations ideas cake
    Photo by Zengame

    Lego Party Supplies and Decorations

    Find some great Lego themed party supplies below. Lego Star Wars is a really big theme right now, so why not incorporate that into your event? Or just simplify your party by ordering decor in the primary "Lego" colors.

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