Finding Nemo Birthday Cake Ideas and Inspiration

Explore my Finding Nemo birthday cake ideas to compliment your fishy themed event.

Clownfish cake

Photo by WishUponACupcake

A clownfish shaped birthday cake might be the way to go for your Finding Nemo party theme! Simply shape your ordinary sheet cake with a serrated knife and then frost with the correct tropical fish colors!

It's best to use at least three layers of cake, so that you can have enough to work with and shape it correctly. Surround the cake with coral icing, candy seashells or even blue and white frosted cupcakes to represent bubbles!

This simple round cake is anything but ordinary when topped with blue tinted fondant and Finding Nemo figurines! Recreate this look at home by shaping your toppers out of fondant or modeling chocolate and painting to look like the beloved Nemo and Dori.

You can also find these Disney friends in prefabricated plastic toppers, or search your kids toy chest for mini-figurines you can borrow for the day! Model a few underwater plant life to go around the base of the cake, and add your child's name and age to the top in cut-out fondant letters.

Nemo cake

Photo by Angelina Cupcake


Photo by murnahan

Looking for something spectacular? Make a tiered cake! This Nemo cake creation is just beautiful. Using frosty blue color fondant, cover both tiers and rub smooth to remove blemishes. Create fondant corals and sponges, and of course Nemo! The sand effect was created using crushed graham crackers.

A sheet cake can be adorable and easy. Purchase Finding Nemo cake toppers and then roll up your sleeves to create this masterpiece.

Using blue and green food color mist, spritz the frosted sheet cake all over. Use a piping bag to add a border to your cake in a deep ocean blue. Add a few more decorations using different colored frosting, or get creative and find candies that convey the same under the sea feeling. Add your birthday message and you're done!

3rd Birthday

Photo by nbornstein

Nemo themed cupcakes

Photo by murnahan

Cupcakes are always a great alternative to a large Finding Nemo birthday cake. You can opt to use blue colored frosting, or make circles out of colored fondant and a little bit of white frosting to stick them on.

Create different sea creatures with fondant and accent with edible pearls. Display on a tray filled with crushed graham cracker crumbs to represent the sandy bottom of the ocean!

Finding Nemo Party Decorations and Supplies

If you're having trouble finding party decorations for your clown fish themed party, check out the products below.

Even if you only a few "accent" pieces that represent the Disney film, you can make a wonderful under the sea oasis for your party guests to enjoy. Just keep in the blue, aqua and sea foam green families for balloons, streamers and other decorative touches. Or check out some of the generic ocean decor that will meld beautifully with your chosen theme!

Clear balloons make excellent "bubbles" and a bag of play sand can go a long way as a creative centerpiece filled with shells or aquarium coral pieces!

Happy shopping.

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