Elmo Party Favors Ideas

Do you have an Elmo enthusiast in your family? Then these Elmo party favors will surely fit your little dear's birthday party theme of choice.

The following are my suggestions for fun and creative party favors. Go with my suggestions or do your own further investigation to find the perfect Elmo accessories for your celebration. Mix them up, be creative! Then check out my Elmo birthday party page to tie them into your main event.

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    Elmo Party Favors: Goodie Bags

    The quintessential party favor is of course the goodie bag. Choose a baggie with an Elmo motif or simply pick up small red paper bags and stick on Elmo's features. A couple white circles with black marker pupils and an orange nose will do the trick!

    Even more simple is the clear plastic baggie. It's perfect because whatever is inside will give your guests that same Sesame Street feeling. Tie off with red and orange curling ribbon for the finishing touch.

    Some goodies to put in the bag include: stickers, bouncy ball, party blower, candies and anything red or fuzzy.

    Elmo Party Favors: Books

    Although goodie bags are lots of fun, an Elmo board or coloring book will give little guests hours, if not years of fun. It should be easy to find literature featuring this fuzzy red puppet, since Elmo is so popular. Search your local discount or book store, or shop online with ease!

    Small books can be found between three and six dollars each. When you add up the cost of putting together all the individual elements of your goodie bags, you might even be spending less on the books, and they will last a lot longer.

    Personalize the books by adding a sticker inside that says thank you from your child. Print out a sheet of Elmo adorned mailing labels (find an clip-art of the little red dude online) and then type in your kid's name and party date. After printing the sheet have your little one help place them on the inside cover. If your child is old enough, have him or her write their name themselves!

    A few Elmo themed book possibilities for your favors:

    Elmo Party Favors: Games & Activities

    Another great party favor idea is to give each child a small game, activity booklet or toy they can use when they go home. Depending on the age group you are catering to include a sticker or coloring book with crayons, small toy, even a Sesame Street toothbrush would be a nice touch!

    Search around the toy department of your favorite store or look up Sesame Street games online. Set a budget and divide it by the number of children to attend your party - then you will be sure to choose something that won't break the bank!

    Some adorable games and activities to use as favors for your Elmo birthday party guests:

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