Adult Slumber Party - fun ideas for your girl's night in!

Sassy, sexy or sweet, an adult slumber party can be all that and more!

Remember your first slumber party as a young girl? Turn your next girl's night out on it's heels and reminisce on days gone by with a recreation of those fun late-night, indoor gatherings!

Whether you want your party to be innocent and sweet, or a little racier for the mature (wink, wink) ladies that will be attending, the following ideas will give you the juice to get your gathering go-go-going!

adult slumber party

Before you get started, decide if you want to host an adult slumber party at your pad or do a little more planning and rent a hotel room for the evening. There are pros and cons to both! Read on to figure out what will work best for you!

Adult Slumber Party Ideas

  • Have each guest bring their own sleeping bag Clear out a room and leave enough space for everyone to lay out and get cozy!

  • Make wacky pj's a must! Cute flannel prints, mismatched combos, colorful nightgowns, adult footy pajamas! Whatever they like, as long as it's fun and comfortable!

  • Rent two adjoining rooms. If choosing to do your girl's night in at a hotel, rent two rooms or stay at a hotel with "suites". This way you can have a party area and a sleeping area. Some will even have enough sleeping space for guests to enjoy either a couch or bed for the evening!

  • Dig up childhood memorabilia. If you want guests to feel transported through time, try to find some old posters, cds or movies from when you were kids. Ask guests to bring old photos, scrapbooks or high school notes - then go over everything and get ready for a good laugh.

    Adult Slumber Party Activities

  • Have a chick-flick marathon! Rent a bunch of girly movies and watch them back to back to back! Munch on buttery popcorn, chocolate candies and gummy bears and let your troubles melt away into a giggle fest, like the good old days.

  • Play guess the lingerie. Have guests bring a slinky nighty, panty and bra set or saucy bustier and put them into a mystery box upon entering the party location. Have guests take turns pulling out a piece and trying to guess which party-goer sports the sexy nightwear. You might be surprised at the results!

  • Do karaoke. Nothing elicits more giggles than listening to your friends bust out the classics or contemporary favs in a less than stellar fashion! Let loose and sing along, after all Girls just wanna have fun!

  • Have a pillow fight! Yes, it is a cliche, but it's a classic! The only rule is that you have a ball!

  • Take turns pampering each other! Manicures, pedicures, facials and massages! No need for a fancy spa, just pump up the tunes and take turns making each other feel extravagant!

  • Play drinking games. Like Never have I Ever, Bullshit and Asshole! Have shot glasses made up with a cute slumber party theme slogan or date and let them take 'em home in the morning!

    Printable party games...

  • Slumber Party Hot Actors Trivia

  • Been There Done That Adult Party Game

  • Lie To Me Adult Party Game

    Adult Slumber Party Food

  • Finger foods are a must. Chips and dip, a veggie platter, fruit kabobs, popcorn and mini sandwiches are easy to put together and are great for your friends to munch on throughout the evening.

  • Did somebody say cocktails? Make up a large batch of frozen margaritas or provide an array of different liquors and mixers for guests to make their own! Decorate tall plastic cocktail glasses with your friends first names so that cups don't get misplaced (use puff paint or stick on letters).

  • Order pizza, girl! Or make some yourself, but who wants to go through all that trouble? Extra cheesy, loaded with veggies or pepperoni - it's your choice. But this party food is the perfect choice for a laid back slumber party event!

    I hope these adult slumber parties ideas make your next gathering the best time you've ever had with your girlfriends!

    And when the sleeping bags are rolled up and out and you're giggling over the evenings unexpected twists and turns, come back and share your adult party photos and stories with us!

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